FedUp with FedEx Kinkos and UPS

April 23, 2005

Couple of run-ins with the big delivery services (FedEx and UPS) this week that make me want to use USPS Priority Mail.

First, Kinkos (a FedEx company) lost my originals. They can’t verify if they were stolen or thrown away, and they’re begging for mercy. An interesting point is that they ran me a 2nd copy of the said originals that they had already lost, which means they’re scanning and storing the documents, not just copying! Can I really trust the guy with bloodshot eyes behind the counter to be the best trustee of my important documents?

My other gripe is about UPS’s drop boxes – these things are impossible to find, and often they’re in the basement of buildings. I just don’t understand how that’s the optimal location.

Buyer Beware!


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