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The Business of Blogs – Scott Boras Corporation

June 19, 2005

Continuing the series, I’ve got another experiment. From another site, some research, and some direct contact, I know that the Scott Boras Corporation, also known as the Scott Boras Law Corporation or Scott Boras Corp., doesn’t have a website.

So why not “create” one? It’s legal, because I’m not claiming to be the Scott Boras Corporation, just providing information.

The Scott Boras Corporation is run by Scott Boras himself, a popular sports agent, who along with Leigh Steinberg, basically invented the role of the sports agent in modern professional sports. Scott Boras and Leigh Steinberg split a couple of years ago, and Scott Boras left he and Jeff Moorad. Scott Boras now focuses mostly on baseball and is usually considered the one of the most ruthless agents. Scott Boras and his Scott Boras Corporation are located in Orange County in the Newport Center or Fashion Island area of Newport Beach. I won’t give out the Scott Boras Corporation address or the Scott Boras Corporation phone number, but I do have it. Scott Boras himself probably lives in Newport Coast somewhere near Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone. The Scott Boras Corporation represents Carlos Beltran, Alex Rodriguez, and plenty of other overpaid athletes. The Scott Boras Corporation employs about 60 people and makes millions. These are all things that should be on the Scott Boras Corporation website and the Scott Boras Corporation email would tell you.


Why do start-ups tread water?

June 5, 2005

It’s an interesting case of dissection to look at the world of start-ups that are successful, treading water, or failing.

The failures are easy, it’s either a bad idea or bad management. I don’t believe you can “fail” with just bad execution if you have a good idea or good management.

The successful start-ups are a little harder to diagnose, but most of the time a couple of the following make it click: management, money, experience, connections, luck. Some people just make it work, and it’s often a mystery to me.

I once asked Ron Simon of the namesake RSI Holding Co (they make cabinets for Home Depot/Lowes type stores), a $500 million dollar company, how they got to $50M. A little confused, he started with a standard answer and then ended up saying “It was hard.” Not even a very accomplished business man could tell me how it happened, it just did.

The most troubling to me is the start-up that just treads water. It doesn’t fail, doesn’t grow, just sits there no matter what pushes on it. This one I can’t quite pinpoint the reason.

Coincidently, these are the companies I often sign as clients. Their ventures are not shy about spending money, hiring people, or marketing their businesses – at least no different than a normal mid-sized business.

My guess is that they are treading water on purpose for various reasons, either financial or personal. That’s difficult to prove, but at least I know where to look. Now I only have to figure out how to fix it!