The Scott Boras Experiment

January 9, 2006

Just to put the Scott Boras Experiment to rest, here is the contact info, including address and phone, for the Scott Boras Corporation:

Scott D Boras, Inc
18 Corporate Plaza
Newport Beach, CA

I’m sure he’ll enjoy your business proposals, scouting tapes, and phone calls.


One Response to “The Scott Boras Experiment”

  1. […] Scott Boras has already decided not to deal with the Red Sox on Matsuzaka, because if Scott Boras waits 2 years, he can collect 10% on $50 million more salary.  Epstein thinks Matsuzaka is worth $100 million total, including the $50 million the Red Sox would owe to the Japanese baseball club that owns Matsuzaka’s rights.  Boras thinks he’s worth $100 million in contract money, which Scott Boras would be entitled to perhaps 10%.  […]

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