Flickr…er Was not enough?

July 27, 2006

So I finally had a purpose for sharing photos online, so I tried out Flickr. No, that’s not Flicker, but Flickr, a Yahoo! acquired company that is one of the most popular ”Web 2.0” properties on the net.

If you’re wondering where the ”e” went in the name, what Web 2.0 is all about, and why Yahoo! spends millions on simple websites that they could probably create themselves for 10% of the cost, I don’t know either. Maybe they like paying the extra for viral marketing or the accountants like the goodwill on the books. Either way, I’m fairly certain that Flickr is Yahoo!’s second biggest mistake, only to Cuban’s

Can you imagine paying over a billion dollars for a company that is obsolete 5 years later? How about paying for a photo sharing site that still hasn’t solved the ultimate photo sharing service problem – getting the pictures on the net without software. Do it via AJAX and you’d be a Web 2.0 star, and then Yahoo! would give you millions.


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