Product-ize your Services

October 31, 2006

Are you one of the those people who works all day and all night and all weekend and all holidays and… well, you get the idea. 

The Internet has created a collective of consultants that are always working to bring their clients up to speed on the web.  With the constant change, it means constant work for those consultants, which hypothetically is a great situation.  The problem is that you only collect a paycheck when you’re working on the project; there’s no passive income in the consulting world.

Fortunately, most of us know what we have to do – “Product-ize your Services.”

If you’re a web application shop like 37Signals, you create a great project management application like Basecamp, because you know everyone needs it.  Coudal reiterates the mantra with “be your own client” and Threadless used design and web skills to create shirts combined with great web communities

Of course, since you’re working like crazy for your clients, you don’t have time to make a left turn into incomeless product development.  In your case, take the first step and “Order-ize your Services.”  Huh?

When a potential client contacts you, do they already know what to order, or do you have to sell them?  Think of your consulting services like a In-N-Out menu board, where your basic service, say a quick report on a company’s online marketing is a hamburger.  A cheeseburger is an online marketing plan, and the Double-Double is the implementation of the marketing plan with three months of SEM and SEO work.  Of course, some clients are going to want to order off the secret menu, but only after they’ve tasted what you’re cookin’.


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