Keep your Day Job

November 5, 2006

Met up with a marketing genius the other day and brought up the Sex and Cash Theory.

The name is a little dramatic for the concept, but the theory makes a strong case for accepting your dueling attention interests and keeping your day job.  The hypothesis is that if you stop being conflicted by your work for work (“cash”) and work for passion (“sex”), you’ll be more focused on both.  Of course, you could just call it the Work and Passion Theory, but that makes it sound like one of them isn’t any fun. 

If you think your work sucks because it’s not your passion, then keep your day job. 

If you think your passion should be your work, then empty your piggybank, and start building something or buy a company

If you can accept that both your work and your passion have a place in your life, you’ll be better at both.


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