Update – Container Data Center

November 7, 2006

As an update to Container Data Center, I ran across a couple of good posts on the subject, including one from Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz.  You’ll recall Sun’s logo is on these fancy container data centers, which Schwartz mentions is probably not the best situation for something you’re trying to keep secret.

Toni Schneider picked up the larger size of the perfect illustration (I don’t think Sun has made 40+ of these magical data centers as the fake picture shows, unless those are just painted cargo containers). 

By the way, Toni is the CEO of WordPress.com, which runs blogs for lots of people.  Before that, he was CEO of Oddpost, which got bought by Yahoo because it was doing AJAX before it was called AJAX, and is now the foundation of Yahoo Mail Beta which Yahoo is really pushing.

I’m guessing Toni is more interesting than 40 of these fake container data centers with a logos on them.


One Response to “Update – Container Data Center”

  1. Toni Says:

    You are too kind :)

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