Yahoo! Jelly

November 19, 2006

Yahoo! released a new product today called Yahoo! Jelly

The goal for the new Jelly product is to pick up where the Peanut Butter Manifesto left off, and make Yahoo! a really sticky place to work.  Yahoo! Jelly may possibly be renamed Yahoo! Jam after it slows down the company for a few years, or they may buy fruit spread start-up and run both products in competition.  Yahoo believes that once they’ve made a mediocre sandwich with the Peanut Butter and Jelly offerings, they’ll cut off the crust.  Google will release their own marginal product in beta in the Google Labs.

By the way, Yahoo! Peanut Butter is very similar to the Jerry Maguire manifesto, except the Jerry Maguire one was well written.  It’s so good, Scott Boras has it as the hold music on his phone at the office.


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