Online Marketing by Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer)

December 1, 2006

Unfortunately, Michael Richards (true to the idea, most only know him as Kramer) did some really great marketing by saying really stupid things.  Yes, he’s a racist, but that’s his problem. 

What he shows is that if you alienate a group of people who don’t buy your product, you’re really not doing much harm.  Here’s the guide to online marketing by Cosmo Kramer:

1. Do something stupid that doesn’t affect your career or your market
Richards hasn’t done any real acting work since Seinfeld, so he didn’t lose any major movie deal.  One of the late night guys asked African Americans on the street about their intent to purchase the Seinfeld DVD (that was being released that week, un-coincidentally…).  It was no, and no.

2. Put the video on the Internet (preferably YouTube)
Another miracle is that TMZ was there taking video of the performance.  You’re filming a 1-trick-pony-comedian on purpose with the hope he goes on a tirade.  A little more conspiracy theory, but he’s now made the ever important step of distributing his stupidity through a free video site.

3. Get a bunch of news outlets to say your name
Since TMZ was there, it’s a little easier to get the other journalists to follow.  Eventually the 5 o’clock news picks it up because (1) he’s a racist, and (2) he’s Kramer.  Every time they said Kramer, they mentioned the DVD (#13 DVD on that Kramer was not publicizing.

4. Apologize for anything really stupid
If you took it a little far with the stupidity like Kramer, make sure you apologize for your hard work after millions in free press.

Now go out there and alienate a group of customers that isn’t your core business.  Might help to make it less racist, and more humorous or odd, but you get the idea. 


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