Techcrunch: Web 2.0 Performance Enhancing Drug

December 11, 2006

Mediocre athletes take steroids to go from average to $20 million payday.  Mediocre companies try to get on Techcrunch to get 23901 beta users and a $20 million buyout.  Mike Arrington is a performance enhancing drug for the Web 2.o world, elevating marginal, copied ideas to super stardom.

But instead of beating up on Arrington and his own version of Digg for Web 2.0 companies, it’s time to blame the readers.  Why do you sign up for every beta?  Would you sign up if you had to pay even as little as a dollar?  Are you reading the company’s own product information, or just listening to the Jim Cramer-style hype about random companies and following the pack?  You’re adding to the false success of companies that deserve at most a cursory look, stop it.

Speaking of false success, I love to hear about people who are self-made without any Harvard buddies or nepotism.  Pretty sure those connections won’t even get you on Techcrunch.


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