Scott Boras, Matsuzaka, and John Wayne

December 13, 2006

Scott Boras has already decided not to deal with the Red Sox on Matsuzaka, because if Scott Boras waits 2 years, he can collect 10% on $50 million more salary.  Epstein thinks Matsuzaka is worth $100 million total, including the $50 million the Red Sox would owe to the Japanese baseball club that owns Matsuzaka’s rights.  Boras thinks he’s worth $100 million in contract money, which Scott Boras would be entitled to perhaps 10%. 

If A-Rod was already paying for my Ferrari, I think I’d wait 2 years to collect an extra 5 million bucks. 

So the Red Sox party will make their exit from John Wayne tomorrow morning sans Matsuzaka.  Noel Wax is thanking the Red Sox for the radio show material.

Also, if you’ve got a hot baseball prospect in Southern California that you can’t get the scouts to come out and see, send me some info/stats/video at and I’ll see what you can do.


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