You other brothers can’t deny the trends

January 4, 2007

Google finally stopped the bleeding and did something right today.

No, you still can’t search Google Reader, but over on the Google Reader Blog they rolled out a MyBlogLogDigg style web 2.0 trend page.  This sounds like one of those Google 20% projects that makes the company what it is today.

It’s also nice to see an interesting title on a Google blog post, with the subtle reference to the great British royal, Sir-Mix-a-Lot.

It’s interesting to see the trends/metrics/analytics of how you consume feeds in a reader, versus what you percieve about your own habits.  For instance, I would have bet my page rank that I’ve read more posts from Techcrunch than anyone else, but the “Reading trends” proves me wrong:

Of course it’s also a great reminder that marketing, especially online marketing, is less about colors and more about data.  However, data often needs a better medium, and so graphs and charts can tell far better stories.  For instance, see the relationship to blog posts and actors who played James Bond, and start to think of how you could market the entire franchise now that you understand the content, timeline, and volume on 1 fancy graph.


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