iPhone is renamed iPimp

January 10, 2007

Apple Computer introduced a concept cellular device today called the iPhone

You can’t buy it, but Apple’s market cap increased $6.1 billion.  That’s some fancy marketing, and some excellent pimping of the biggest players in the mobile internet space.

Here are the highlights:

  • Yahoo! – Nothing like offering Free IMAP Yahoo! Mail to a relatively small group of customers, when you’d overtake Gmail as the best webmail service if you made it available to everyone.  That’s Yahoo product strategy at it’s finest.
  • Cingular – Apple trades early (they’ll need more market share than 1 mobile company can provide) carrier exclusivity for “Visual Voicemail” with Cingular.   They probably can’t even use it for their more profitable BlackJack device, not to mention they’ve now shown every cell phone maker there will be a new area of negotiations next time around – carrier features specific to the phone.



One Response to “iPhone is renamed iPimp”

  1. david koblas Says:

    Good call on the “not returning phone calls” —

    Cisco sued Apple for trademark infringement over the “iPhone” name Apple chose for its new cellphone, unveiled yesterday. Cisco obtained the iPhone trademark in 2000, and had been in talks with Apple over rights to the name.

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