Global Warming, Lohan, or Boras?

January 17, 2007

There are only 3 reasons it could be so cold in Southern California:

  1. Bush got tired of people complaining about Global Warming.
  2. Lohan said she’d go to rehab when something froze over.
  3. Scott Boras does a fair deal.

Anyway, if you ever wanted to make a family tree, see  Started by David Sacks of Paypal and indie movie fame, it’s a good start using proven internet product development rules.

Rules?  Yes, there are rules to product development (aka features) at internet companies.  If you’re from the brick and mortar world, these won’t make sense, but then again you’re probably not internet product development.

  1. Launch a product with less than 5 useful features (optional: label it “beta”).
  2. See how people use it and ask for feedback.
  3. Add the most requested or needed feature each week.

There’s no reason to do 10 months of development on every feature you can dream up, only to have to develop more features the user wants, be upstaged by a competitor, miss the bubble 2.0 funding craze, and/or not collect any ad revenue for the 8 months you’ve had a working version with 5 features.


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