Free Coupon for Google Apps

February 6, 2007

Apparently Google is starting to follow the internet product strategy idea known as “free-mium” according to BusinessWeek online.  Up until now, Google was free all the time relying on PPC ad revenue, but with Google Apps for your Domain the internet product strategy for Google has changed.

On a hot tip from Jason Kolb, who apparently reads the fine print, anyone who signs up for the beta of Google Apps will continue their service for free.  So I present to you, a FREE COUPON for Google Apps, which is probably closed to new accounts…

Multiple sources are proclaiming there are companies that would pay for business-style gmail or just a bigger gmail account, but most think the value is in 24/7 tech support and not in the Google Apps features offered to business users.  Of course, one of those companies is Pixar who is run by Steve Jobs, so it’s probably no surprise the IT guy can’t go out and buy Microsoft Exchange.

Now there is a little detail that in the past wasn’t associated with internet product strategy, and that is a ton of downtime across Google’s network.  Wait until your entire office is left stranded by an gmail outage that doesn’t have a five-nines SLA, not to mention can’t get a SAS-70 certification and the free pens don’t even work.


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