The 5 Fears of RSS

February 23, 2007

1. Someone else will use my content. 
Good point, but you’re also telling me that you can control the content put on another website.  If you’re producing content with the goal of search engine optimization, there should be a significant number of links back to your site already.  So you’re really just seeding backlinks for the search engines to gobble up.  Even better, these RSS feed -stealer-monetizers are really good, so they’re less likely to be caught by the magic algorithm.

2. Nobody will click-thru to my website.
Ideally, you shouldn’t really care about how someone reads your content, the point is that they’re reading it.  Now if I never plug Ralston Ventures in this post, and never tell you that I’m a jack-of-all-trades online marketing and internet product management consultant, then yes it would be a shame to have to click-thru and read that tidbit.  If you think your content is that good (it’s not), run a teaser feed that requires the customer to click-thru to read the whole diatribe. 

3. RSS is too technical, email works for my customers.
Then I should assume you have a 0% bounce rate and a 100% open and click-thru rate on your email campaigns?  There’s nothing more technical about RSS than anything else, and there are a hundred companies out there trying to make it easier.  The point about email statistics is that RSS feeds are unfiltered, direct to the customer, unlike email which can be blocked as spam, filtered as junk, or lost among 4 email accounts.  With RSS, the customer gets it all and has the power to unsubscribe at any time (and know it worked). 

4. I can’t make money on a RSS feed.
You actually can, Feedburner will slip them right into the end of your feed.  Of course, when was the last time you clicked on a banner ad?  Focus on the content, the customer relationship, and the message; ignore the pennies.

5. RSS feeds require content which requires creativity which requires work which requires time.
Content is king, so make the time to produce more content, or hire an online marketing expert.


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