Hype Appropriate Feature

March 6, 2007

Well, the Highrise pre-launch marketing has become a Hypefest for what may become the coolest small business CRM application. 

Of course, if you read carefully, you’ll notice a nice tease for what will be the killer feature that makes it the coolest small business CRM application:

The mystery way
There’s one more way to get new people into Highrise. We’ll be covering it in a future preview post.

I’m glad at least one internet product marketing guru predicted that there might be a mystery way to add contacts to Highrise:

Keep an eye on how it’s integrated with email, as that seems to be the difference between cowbell and more cowbell with other small business CRM products. 

And the point of all this self-promotion is to highlight the ability of a company to blantantly hype a product because (they will soon announce that) they have a hype appropriate feature.  To get away with this kind of hype, you need a product that does all the basics well, and it doesn’t hurt to have a track record of making great internet products.  The latter is why Microsoft can’t get Live off the ground, and the former is why David Sacks with a Paypal pedigree can get a $100 million valuation for a simple family tree that can’t handle predictable beta launch web traffic scaling.

You can lose that license to hypefest just as quickly.


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