Free Joost Invite

May 13, 2007

Apparently there’s a lot of demand for Joost invites.  I’ve got a few too.  If you want to try out the internetification of TV, just leave a comment or use the contact form on the site. 

By the way, Joost is average at best because it lacks quality content.  Most of stuff isn’t even worth putting on TV late at night. did just as good of job with their internet TV play.  Of course, Joost is new, different, and from the millionaires who created Skype, so you’d probably give them the benefit of the doubt to fix the content issue.


10 Responses to “Free Joost Invite”

  1. Can you spare one joost invite for me.

  2. Polly Says:

    hey, can I get one of your joost invites? thanks

  3. Peter Says:

    An invite would be greatly appreciated!

  4. urulok Says:

    Can I have one, please?

    urulok (At)


  5. Ian Says:

    if theres any spare invites, i’ll take one off your hands!!

  6. Adam Says:

    Could you send one my way?

  7. charles Says:


    can anyone send a invite joost

    thank you

  8. James Ramsay Says:


    If you had an invite it would be much appreciated!


  9. Robert Says:

    Hey if you dont mind, been dieing to try joost

  10. Eric Says:

    Id like an invite bluedragonsrage(at)

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