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You’ve Made It Big Time

June 9, 2007

Techcrunch reports that the addictive game makers have been collecting online advertising revenues and plan to quit their day jobs and create a startup

Since I tested this game, purely in a viral marketing context, and could never score well evaluate it completely, I was encouraged by the after market enhancement available.  When someone goes to the effort of hacking your flash game, you’ve made it big time.

So the startup is a logical extension… I hope one of them has a marketing strategy.  When the online advertising dollars start to drop, hopefully they have another game that’s just as addictive.  That’s not likely, but there’s always the option to do custom games for organizations, develop a point and click builder for similar games, or even do something silly like charge for access to older games.


Birthdays & Business

June 7, 2007

why are birthdays better when you’re younger?
Kids often have elaborate birthday parties and celebrate birthday milestones than adults.  It’s because they’re getting older faster.  Relative to their age, kids get older faster than adults, and therefore they become more anticipated and celebrated.  A 10 year old you turns 11 gets 10% older.  A 50 year old has to turn 55 to get 10% older, hence the reason why we probably celebrate 5 year birthdays more regularly for the older folks.  

The same goes for the growth of a small business.  When you go from $1000 to $2000 per month, or $100k to $200k per year, there’s a celebration that ensues.  Unfortunately, even if you add $1M to revenue, from $5M to $6M, the percentage makes a celebration overstated compared to the good ol’ days.