Google Reader Image Bug

July 8, 2007

Ok, geek time:

I don’t know why you can’t search google reader, I’ve only wanted to do it 100+ times. 

Since Google isn’t going to add search, maybe they can fix the Google Reader Image Bug.  You’ll notice in Google Reader that images are often not displayed at their intended size.  They’re shrunken, garbled, and otherwise un-readable.

Unfortunately, the image usually tells the story or makes the money (ad images have the same problem – wonder why you’re not converting Dell?). 

Here’s the typical problem:


See that square of gibber gabber?  That’s an ad unit that Dell is paying good money to Techcrunch for, and getting nothing in return.

Now this is how Dell would like the ad to display:


*Google Reader Image Bug workaround: 
When you click on an item in Reader, it automatically marks the item as read.  All you have to do is uncheck the “Mark as read” checkbox, and the image will display as originally intended like magic. 


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