Open Letter to Carson Daly

November 3, 2007

Last Call with Carson Daly
c/o NBC Studios (stage 9)
3000 W Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 

Dear Carson,

With the impending writers strike, I’m posting an open letter to offer my services as an almost-professional comedic writer in your time of need.

Luckily, I’ve seen your show and I know that you’re not losing much if the writers strike on Monday.  Double lucky, I know I can maintain the average comedic level of your show.  Triple lucky, I know the viewers don’t expect much and nothing else will be new on TV.

The best part for you is that I’m willing to work for free because I need to prove myself before Kimmel will hire me.


ps.  Look for the internet to gain a lot of popularity if this writers strike lasts for more than a few days.  Why? 

– Because TV ratings will go down even further (and this time the people may not come back – the fall lineup is terrible)

– Because all the new content generation will be done on the web for a while

– Because some enterprising young comedian will take the place of the reruns of all the late night shows with their own daily comedy show (is impacted by the writers strike?)

– Because it provides an opportunity for video, podcasts, and other produced compilations from online companies to make a bigger splash and fill the pipeline for TV shows that still decide to report business and entertainment news.

Update: Techcrunch paraphrases Tony’s post 3 days later, and lights up 100% algorithm Techmeme.  I can’t figure out if the writers strike or blogs are a bigger joke.


4 Responses to “Open Letter to Carson Daly”

  1. overbound Says:

    Great the one good thing that may come out of the writes strike and your offering to write for him. There is a reason why is show is only a half an hour long anymore. No one likes it.

  2. andyfox1979 Says:

    carson daly’s show is one of the worst ive ever seen.

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